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Hi my name is Neely! I am a native North Carolinian, was born in Charlotte, went to college in Wilmington and am now living in the Raleigh/Durham area! Leoly was created a few years ago, when I was an art student at UNCW.  I would do local pop up markets and sold my artwork, jewelry and pottery in a couple of stores, but never had the time to make my art a full time priority... Fast forward five or so years and here we are! Bringing it back!! 


Since we are now in the midst of an ongoing pandemic and I am a new mom at home with baby (meaning we are home a lot!!!) I have decided to devote more time back into the things I love! I pretty much spend all of my spare time creating, when I have a little time to myself that is (or when my little assistant is behaving) I create! As an art student I dabbled in several different mediums, including pottery, painting, drawing, sculpture but have always come back to jewelry! 

Curious why the leather? My pop pop Buster (in the picture below) is the real reason I have this little business.  He worked for a company making belts and wallets and would buy the scrap leather.  When I say scraps you're probably picturing a small box of scraps.... Not quite. He had boxes upon boxes of this leather! Not knowing what to do with all the leather once he passed, I packed my car up with as much as I could and was determined to find a way to use it. He obviously did not want this leather getting thrown out and saw potential for it. Which makes me so happy knowing I am bringing these scraps back to life! 

These earrings are so much fun for me to make.  Each pair is honestly like a little canvas! I find myself getting carried away painting new scraps. That being said, I would love to customize a pair just you or someone you love! Feel free to use my contact tab at the top of the page to send a formal request. I hope these pieces bring you as much joy and happiness as it gives me to make them! 

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